"Viyavasa 2016" 

Small Enterprises Development Division established in the year 1982 and this institution is strengthens private enterprises sector by

  • Encouraging to generate entrepreneurship skills
  • Providing enterprises training and
  • Supporting services (creating marketing opportunities coordination of financial facilities and giving technical knowledge etc)
  • Follow up work and counseling services
  • For  the  purpose of encouraging the local unemployed persons to engage in the enterprises field and facilitate promotion of enterprises already run entrepreneurs.

It appears that more than thousand persons join the small enterprises field per year under the guidance of the small Enterprises Development Division. Importance of small and medium scale enterprises occupies a very high place in whatever country in the present world whether developed or developing.

The Small and medium scale enterprises field is very crucial in any developed or developing in the modern world.

The Small enterprises field occupies a very important place in the economic development in view of the following facts

  • It extends a high contribution to the growth of the Gross National Product
  • It is a successful alternative solution to the unemployment problem.
  • The investment to be made in it for creating a single employment is less
  • Local potential resources are mostly used.
  • It causes minimization of inequality in income distribution.
  • It facilitates the balances in regional development
  • It is a simple device to eliminate poverty.